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Paul, the founder of El Guia Meditation, has been a guide for over 20 years. In another time and place, Paul helped guide people through the complexities of technology with compassion and empathy.
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Modalities – El Guia Meditation
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Are you looking for clarity, emotional resilience, and an improved response to stress?

Do you want to gain greater focus and productivity?

Would you like to have a better sleep at night?

Are you ready to overcome fear, worry, and self-doubt?

Applied Mindfulness

What is it?

An incremental practice where one first learns a traditional meditation technique, such as breath awareness, and then progressively learns how to apply the skills and insights toward effecting behavior and attitudinal change.

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– Higher Brain Functioning

– Increased Immune Function

– Lowered Blood Pressure

– Lowered Heart Rate

– Increased Awareness

– Increased Attention and Focus

– Increased Clarity in Thinking and Perception

– Lowered Anxiety Levels

– Experience of being Calm and Internally still

– Experience of Feeling Connected

– Enhanced Ability to Deal with Difficulties

How is it Practiced?

This transformation method of mindfulness is practiced incrementally.

The first portion of the process entails developing a regular meditation practice.

The specific technique can be any one of several traditional methods, the exact one depends on your unique constitution.

Once the meditation practice has been established, you will learn to identify how awareness shifts from mindfulness to habitual patterns, and develop skills for remaining in a mindful state.


Applied mindfulness involves focused attention. 

It often takes time to develop the skill of focusing the attention, so this practice continues to evolve as experience is developed.

Vedic Meditation

What is it?

A simple, effortless technique where one uses a mantra to settle the mental chatter.

A mantra is a meaningless sound that has been handed down from teacher to student for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of years for the sole purpose of meditation.

30 MINUTES Free Consultation

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– Reduced Stress, Anxiety, Depression

– Decreased Insomnia

– Improved Work and Academic Performance

– Increased Brain Coherence

– Lower Blood Pressure

– Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

– Supports the treatment of Addiction, PTSD, and ADHD

The Method

The practitioner sits quietly and effortlessly repeats their mantra in a particular manner.

The Vedic method is done twice a day, in the morning and evening, for optimal results.


Vedic meditation is incredibly easy to practice right from the beginning.

Most people experience a state of deep relaxation the very first time they meditate and are easily able to recreate that experience on their own.

This practice truly is effortless.


Meditation Fundamentals

In this foundational course, you will learn:

– Several meditation modalities

– The background and history of different meditation techniques

– Benefits of meditation

– Common meditation misconceptions

– How to begin and maintain a regular practice

El Guia will provide pointers on how to begin meditating, increase the effectiveness of your personal practice, and how to integrate meditation into a busy schedule.

There will also be one or two short, guided meditation sessions so you have a real taste for the experience of meditation.

Meditation Survey

Mindful Pause, Body Scan, Working with Difficulties

Meditation affects everyone differently, and there is a wide array of options to choose from. How do you know what type of meditation is right for you?

In this exploratory course, you will have the chance to experience first-hand several types of meditation. Each of these can serve as a resource for you for the different circumstances at different times.

You will come away from this class relaxed, rejuvenated, and with a better understanding of several meditation techniques.



Meditation Survey

Metta, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Focusing the Breath

This exploratory practice will give you the opportunity to experience several different types of meditation.

Every person responds to meditation differently, and everyone’s experience may even differ from day to day. How do you know what meditation modality is right for you? Direct experience is the best way to discover a practice that resonates with your personality, lifestyle and state of your nervous system.

You will come away from this class relaxed, recharged, and with a better understanding of several options among the vast array of different types of meditation that are available.


Metta or Loving Kindness Meditation -

A Deeper Dive

We explore the depth and breadth of the Buddhist practice of Metta or Loving Kindness. Also known as Maitri, the practice of Loving Kindness appears in numerous texts including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Kakacupama Sutta, and the Paṭisambhidāmagga.

In this course, you will learn the origins, etymology, and history of this ancient tradition. There will be several guided meditations in the Metta tradition and you will have a chance to explore the ongoing research into the therapeutic benefits of the practice.

This exploratory practice will give you the opportunity to understand one of the great meditation traditions in greater depth.

Singing Bowls Meditation

A Deeper Dive

Tibetan singing bowls have been used throughout the centuries for healing and meditation.

You will have the first-hand experience of meditating with Tibetan singing bowls. You will also learn the history of these healing instruments, their various therapeutic benefits, and the science behind their effects on the brain.