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Paul, the founder of El Guia Meditation, has been a guide for over 20 years. In another time and place, Paul helped guide people through the complexities of technology with compassion and empathy.
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A Letter from Paul

Dear Friends, Family, and Clients,

I want to share with you a bit about why I became a meditation coach. After many years working in the high-tech industry and continually grappling with the feeling that I was somehow doing “someone else’s work,” I decided to ask myself some tough questions. What am I here for on earth? What is my purpose in life? How do I want to be known? What effect do I want to have on the world and my community?

Of course, stress was a factor. Yes, I was not overly fond of the ever-increasing commute from the East Bay to Silicon Valley. I never did feel at home in the hard-driving, somewhat toxic, high-tech environment. But I managed to get through, for the most part, day by day. I did this largely thanks to the support of my loving wife, a solid sense of community, a deepening yoga practice, and meditation. Upon further reflection, I don’t know how I would have done it without these essential support systems.
Once I had begun asking the tough questions, I realized I had opened a Pandora’s Box. It became clear that I am an emissary of people’s thriving. I help people with their personal and spiritual journeys. Many times, I’ve walked the self-discovery path and developed a sense of where to go and what to do at many of its critical junctures. It also became clear that this was what people looked to me for when we were having profound moments of connection. Friends and family sought me out to guide them on their journeys, and I have always been overjoyed to support all of them on this path.

So, with the “why” and the “what” understood, I then realized the next important question is “how?”
How can I bring my unique calling to support others in a unique and valuable way? How can I offer something special? That is the inspiration behind El Guia Meditation.
My primary focus is working with people one-on-one to help them develop and maintain a meditation practice that sticks. I like to call it a “bespoke” meditation practice, because each person’s method is unique, just like their body or their personality. I sit down with each client and help craft a meditation practice that they look forward to, and that supports their daily life. I help the client overcome obstacles to the practice, and help to celebrate the breakthroughs. I help my clients find the next steps when things seem to have plateaued.

I look forward to partnering with you on your internal journey of meditation.


"I imagined meditation as a sit still in one place, but Paul introduced a practice can is easily adapted and fits my lifestyle."

David Trinh

"The meditation sessions me and my family have had with Paul have been extremely helpful and beneficial."

Scott Halbrook

"I sleep better now that I have a regular meditation practice."

Richard J. Lee

"I highly recommend Paul Bosky at El Guia Meditation!"

Laura Burkhardt

"If you have ever thought 'I can’t do this, it must be for other people and not for me,' go see Paul."

Dr. Michael Kotton

"Paul is the guy to show you the way."

Marie Bowser

"Just contact Paul and you will be so glad that you did!"

Dr. Marie Beck

"Paul is the guy to show you the way."

Marie Bowser