On-site meditation classes

The instructor can come to your location and teach a prepared or custom meditation class with experiential learning.

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Virtual meditation classes

Do you have a distributed team or are you located outside of the San Francisco Bay Area? No problem, we can bring meditation to you with the ease of technology.

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Group programs

Are you looking to begin or restart a regular meditation practice? Do you want to be part of a supportive community of fellow meditators? These programs are a great fit for folks just like you.

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Individual and group meditation coaching

If you or your team wants to learn to meditate independently, learn how with a certified meditation instructor.

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Movement, breathing, meditation (MBM) classes

Classes can be taught at your location if you have a suitable space, or in a yoga studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Sample Classes

Meditation Fundamentals
In this foundational course you will learn about several meditation modalities, where they come from, and how they benefit the practitioner. You will learn some common misconceptions about meditation and why many people are not able to begin or maintain a regular practice. You will receive some pointers on how to begin meditating, increase the effectiveness of your personal practice, and how to integrate meditation into a busy schedule. There will also be one or two short, guided meditation experiences.

Meditation Survey - Metta, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Focusing the Breath
In this exploratory course you will have the opportunity to experience several different types of meditation. Every person responds to meditation differently, and everyone’s experience may even differ from day to day. How do you know what meditation modality is right for you? Direct experience is the best way to discover a practice that resonates with your personality, lifestyle, and the state of your nervous system. You will come away from this class relaxed, recharged, and with a better understanding of several options among the vast array of different types of meditation that are available.

Meditation Survey - Mindful Pause, Body Scan, Working with Difficulties
Meditation affects everyone differently, and there is a wide array of options to choose from. How do you know what type of meditation is right for you? In this exploratory course you will have the chance to experience first-hand several types of meditation. Each of these can serve as a resource for you for different circumstance at different times. You will come away from this class relaxed, rejuvenated, and with a better understanding of several meditation modalities.

Metta or Loving Kindness Meditation -

A Deeper Dive
This course explores the depth and breadth of the Buddhist practice of Metta, or Loving Kindness. Also known as Maitri, the practice of Loving Kindness appears in numerous texts including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Kakacupama Sutta, and the Paṭisambhidāmagga. In this course, you will learn the origins, etymology, and history of this ancient tradition. There will be several guided meditations in the Metta tradition and you will have a chance to explore the ongoing research into the therapeutic benefits of the practice.

Singing Bowls Meditation -

A Deeper Dive
Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation. The sounds produced by genuine Tibetan singing bowls are known to support relaxation and healing from a number of physical and mental conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety. In this course you will have the first-hand experience of meditating with Tibetan singing bowls. You will also learn the history of these healing instruments, their various therapeutic benefits, and the science behind their effects on the brain.